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Safety Tips Roofers Follow When Performing Roof Replacements

When replacing a roof, safety is a must because one wrong move can be catastrophic. Professional roofers have the training and experience to know what precautions to take when performing a roofing replacement. That’s why it is imperative to leave this type of work up to the pros. The following are some safety tips professional roofers follow when replacing a roof.

Wearing Proper Safety Equipment

Part of remaining safe when replacing a roof is to wear the proper safety equipment. Safety equipment includes fall protection gear and harnesses.

Following the Safety Checklist Before Starting Work

Most professional roofers follow a safety checklist to ensure there are no hazards present. Items on the checklist include:

  • Can the structure support the weight of the workers?
  • Are all equipment used for work, such as ladders and guardrails, properly placed and free of defects?
  • Are there holes on the roof they need to be aware of?

Taking Note of the Weather Conditions

Taking note of the weather conditions is key to minimizing accidents. Roofers avoid bad weather if possible. Cold weather can be especially dangerous because roofers can slip and fall on ice that accumulates on roofs. The pros will avoid working when winds are high because they understand that the winds may cause them to fall.

Wearing the Proper Clothes

Professional roofers understand how important it is to dress properly for the job. Anyone working in the roofing industry understands that flexibility and mobility are critical to remaining safe. Roofers will not dress in clothing that is either too loose or restrictive, so they can react quickly when needed.

Staying Focused

When working on rooftops, distractions can be dangerous or even deadly. While it may be more difficult today to avoid distractions since we are constantly connected to technology, it is imperative. Roofers remain focused on their jobs by setting their smartphones to silent and staying focused on their work.

Following Policies and Procedures

Professional roofers have policies and procedures that they must follow to remain safe. These guidelines are designed to avoid any serious injuries or death.

Avoiding Cheap or Damaged Equipment

Pros always make sure they are using quality equipment, such as ladders. While roofers understand money is important, they appreciate that safety is of greater importance. Roofers take care not to use ladders or equipment that is damaged, and they carefully follow all the directions that come with their equipment to ensure proper use.

If your Birmingham, AL home needs roof replacement services, contact Green Valley Roofing & Construction to get the job done. Our service professionals are highly trained and will implement all safety measures to ensure the job is done properly and safely. We are known for following roofing safety to the letter, and we make customer satisfaction our top priority.