Alabama Roof Storm Damage Repair

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Expert Roof Storm Damage Repair in Birmingham, AL

Alabama is prone to many types of inclement weather, from rain and hail to hurricanes and tornadoes, all of which can wreak havoc on a roofing system. Hail can cause dents and punctures, while heavy rains overwhelm drainage systems and cause leaks and water damage. High winds can fell trees and launch projectiles which, if they land on a roof, may compromise its structural integrity.

Next time a storm strikes, contact Green Valley Roofing & Construction for an evaluation of any necessary roof storm damage repair in Birmingham, Alabama or the rest of the state. We understand the importance of an efficient and thorough fix after a storm damages your roof.

The Storm Damage Repair Process

Some issues, such as leaks and missing shingles, are easy to see. However, others may be less obvious to the untrained eye. Based on our findings, we will provide a detailed report of any damage and an estimate of repair, restoration or replacement costs. If necessary, our team will apply emergency tarping to safeguard the structure until we can commence permanent roof storm damage repairs in Birmingham. This may be necessary if, for example, a storm is in the forecast in the upcoming days.

We Help With Insurance Claims

If you decide to proceed with Green Valley Roofing & Construction for storm damage repairs to your roof in Birmingham, AL, we will assist you in filing an insurance claim to approve the repairs or roof replacement, attempting to diminish or eliminate your out-of-pocket costs. Although we have a stellar track record for claims approval, we offer flexible financing if you decide not to involve your insurance carrier. Finally, we will perform the repairs using high-quality materials that match the existing shingles or panels as closely as possible.

Schedule a Free Post-Storm Roof Inspection

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